Many people who seek the help of a Human Givens therapist are experiencing some difficulty in a relationship at home or at work. This can be a source of considerable distress particularly if a lot of time is spent ruminating over what has gone wrong. If there is a sincere objective to improve matters, then therapy can help.

Whether it is an individual or a couple seeking counselling the following can be addressed:

  • Clarify the root of the conflict.
  • Prevent arguments from getting out of control.
  • Create awareness of unhelpful pattern matches.
  • How to manage your expectations of the other person.
  • How best to get important needs met within the relationship.
  • Psychoeducation about male and female brain differences.
  • Dealing with other issues such as anger disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, conditioning, etc. that could be impinging on the relationship.
  • Deal with trust issues or betrayal.
  • Create realistic agreements around responsibilities.
  • Self-management skills.

Autonomy and control, which is an important human need, is encouraged in Human Givens Therapy and leading a fulfilling life does not involve dependence on a therapist. Good therapy should be as brief as possible and be focused on the future.

Couples Counselling

If there is a sincere desire to repair, improve and maintain your relationship then Human Givens therapy can help. For a relationship to be successful you need to do things that will help your respective partner get their innate emotional needs met well (see emotional needs audit). I can help you identify the obstacles to that goal and encourage you both to pursue it in a spirit of friendship.